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Application Container Platform#

This page will give you an overview of ACP, the services it entails and the ways to get access to them. This is a general overview. Developers should check out the Developer Docs.

The Application Container Platform provides an accredited, secure, scalable, reliable and performant hosting platform for Home Office applications.​

We use open source technology to allow delivery teams to develop, build, deploy and manage applications in a trusted environment. ​

We focus on enabling self-service where possible, and have developed a Platform Hub to act as a one stop shop for all things ACP, including support requests for things that aren't self serve (yet).

Benefits of using ACP#

  • Reliance on specialist DevOps resource significantly reduced​
  • Central place to host applications​
  • Saves time for the projects​
  • Significant hosting cost reduction​
  • Common tools and patterns across projects i.e. CI​

Everyone using our platform MUST adhere to technical service standards. All Services will be under a review process.

For definitions on each phase of the lifecycle and the criteria for production-ready, please refer here. Release notes for ACP services can be found here.

Accessing the Services#

Users can access most ACP services through the use of Office 365 (O365). Full (licensed) O365 accounts can be requested from the Programme Offices. ACP can request 'AD-only' accounts on your behalf. More information can be found here.


You can find more information about support here If you require support you can talk to us on our Slack Channel or raise an issue on our Support Portal.